About NEP

drew300New Equity Productions, Inc., or "NEP" was incorporated in May of 1997, and is the creation of Andrew J. Howitt, an entrepreneur from Michigan. NEP is a direct mail fundraising company which represents law enforcement. It is a more professional and ethical alternative to the traditional telemarketing schemes, which tend to misrepresent and discredit law enforcement associations, while keeping the majority of the funds they raise as well.  NEP uses a unique combination of ingenuity and creativity to realize a more profitable advantage for the Police and Firefighter Associations we represent, while gifting them the highest percentage of profits of any direct mail marketing firm in the United States. The proprietary software NEP developed, serves to support every aspect of our business, from tracking sales, reporting and maintaining databases.  This lends a unique advantage to bringing the best possible results for our clientele.

With the advent of electronic media, our websites and social media support add an extra advantage to our already steady and productive direct mail campaign. Our vast "network" of law enforcement websites serve not only to provide a platform from which to operate their Associations day-to-day business, but allow our clients to extend advertising opportunities to local, state and national advertisers. This sets in motion another form of fundraising; one which has not been realized prior in this particular marketplace. The revolutionary development of this network and its functions put New Equity Productions, Inc., in a class of its own; setting a trend and creating a new marketplace for all law enforcement and firefighter associations alike.

With over 20 years experience, NEP has a proprietary process which allows them to successfully raise funds for associations thru supporters, residents and business owners.

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