Absolutely No Risk To You Or Your Association

NEP Incurs 100% Of The Upfront Costs

maintop 2There is absolutely no risk to you or your association.  You never have to worry if you have made the right decision.  You will never face your colleagues and tell them "we lost our investment."

With New Equity Productions working for you, we will incur all of the up front costs for your direct mail fundraising campaign. That means we will do all the research and develop a campaign for your association, at no cost to you.  We will then pay for all the materials, labor, and postage for your campaign up front.  When your campaign is over, your association receives a check from what NEP has collected on your behalf, less our operating expenses.  

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Client Testimony

"Having limited time, a lack of expertise and lack of funds prevented our association from doing fundraising in the past.  Between personal schedules, our normal department assignments and association matters, none of our board members were able to make a fundraising campaign a priority.  NEP came forward and handled everything for us.  We never had to open a piece of mail or lick an envelope.  NEP did it all." - Terry Smith, Azusa POA