Registered With the Attorney General

A Proven Track Record

We want not only our customers, but your supporters to feel comfortable and confident in knowing their donation is going to the association listed on the fundraising letter.  Unfortunately, there are many criminals out there who prey upon your supporters with faulty scams and telemarketing schemes.

Thru our proven record of over 17 years working with police officer associations and deputy sheriff associations, we have established a reputation among the law enforcement community as a legitimate fundraising entity.

Legitimacy Is Your Assurance

calaglogoIn order to uphold our valued image, we are registered as a legitimate, professional marketing agency thru the California Attorney General's Office.  This separates us from the fraudulent, criminal or deceitful fundraising organizations currently found in your community.

NEP is proud to be:

  • Licensed

  • Bonded

  • Insured

  • Registered


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