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"Keep Your Members And Your Community Informed"

NEP Newsletters is the solution for law enforcement associations who want to reach out to their community and share their hard work with their supporters.  At NEP we create professional newsletters on your behalf and in a manner which proudly represents your association.

Reaching Out Is Importantbriefing

You can not simply ask for support or donations once a year and expect your community to step up.  Some people may not know you exist.  Others aren't sure exactly what you do.

With the media misreporting law enforcement incidents, and negative publicity filling our society's minds, shouldn't you have a voice?  With NEP's "The Briefing", we give your association that voice.

How Will This Benefit Your Association?

Have you or will you be in contract negotiations?  Are you planning a fundraiser?  Has your department been under scrutiny? If so, The Briefing can help:

  • Enhance and build trust between law enforcement officers and local residents and businesses
  • Provide advertising revenue with business'
  • Increase & enhance positive PR and media by sharing stories and photos of the great work you do
  • Bringsmore exposure to your association's website.
  • Advertising oppurtunities and Donor Ads

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