Your Letter Designed By NEP - Approved By You!

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There's more to a fundraiser than just writing a letter.  NEP alleviates the time consuming frustration and takes care of everything in a professional manner.  We know your time, skills and funds are limited, so we take care of things like:

  • Professionally designing your letter
  • Gathering your supporter's mailing address'
  • Sending your letters to your supporters
  • Collecting your donations

Your Logo

The framework of your letter will consist of various artwork coupled with your police association's logo or badge.

Professionally Written

The body simply asks your supporters to donate to your association.

We take care of composing the letter. Once we have a "draft" completed, you have the ability to read it and make any corrections prior to us sending the letter on your behalf.

Your Contact Info

We embed your association's contact information, as well as a photograph of your representative in the letter.

Your letter is not for just raising funds. It's to let your community know you exist, and brings them closer to you knowing they have a way to contact you.

Payment Options

Your supporters simply fill out the bottom of the letter and return it to a locally established post office box maintained in your association's name, or they can make their donations online.

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