The Best Features For Law Enforcement

Since we are law enforcement staffed, we know first hand what association leaders don't need. We've kept the most common questions in mind when picking the features:

1. Will It Make My Job Easier?

The last thing you need is another thing to learn or master. Although we have created our websites and their features to be user friendly, you have the whole NEP team at your disposal to help you keep your website's content current and relevant.

2. Is It Affordable?

As the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for!" Since we understand POA and DSA budgets, we have tailored our websites to offer as many features as possible for the price we are asking. Obviously, you can add more features at any time, and our rates are better than any other developer out there.

3. Do We Need It?

Yes, you do! Why should the print, Internet, radio and TV media be the only ones offering an opinion about your association members, or their actions in the performance of their duties. Why not advertise the good work your association does? An NEP website can make this happen for you. Just ask our customers over at Palm Springs POA or Roseville Police or read some of our client testimonials..


Secure, Private Members' Only Area

Your members will have their own username and password to access the secured members area portion of your website. And with our websites, any member can retrieve their forgotten username and password at any time.  They don't need to wait for a board member or our staff to help them.

Publish articles meant just for your membership, and accessible only by logging into the website. You can assign various members privileges, such as allowing some to write articles, but not publish them until you review.  Additionally, your members can comment about certain topics. And yes, you can review the comments prior to deciding whether to publish them or not!

Social Media Integration

Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay.  In fact, more people get emergency information, updates and directions thru social media than they do thru regular information channels.  Our society is simply addicted to it and giants like Facebook and Twitter rule the internet.

We have found a way for your association to have their own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr social media pages, all with little management by you.  By making a few setting adjustments, and thanks to the late George Carlin, we are able to filter your social media content and derogatory comments so as to always be beneficial to your association.  

Event Management 

Using your website to house all the details about your event(s), links to locations, PDF's, online registration and more;  creates a central hub to bring your social media, mobile accessibility and the community together, allowing for a greater outreach and larger footprint about your event(s). 

Utilizing your website allows for instant updates, changes to locations/times/dates, and push notifications to participants quickly and easily via email, text or social media. With your website, we can post photos, links, general information, and on-line registration for golf tournaments, fishing competitions, poker nights, memorial 5K's, scholarship funds and more!

Automated Email Newsletters For Contract Negotiations Support

Capture your supporters email address when they subscribe to your association's newsletter. When you have a fundraiser, crime information and safety tips, or need to get support for contract negotiations, your website can automatically generate an email through the push of a button. Send email newsletters when:

  • Content is updated on your site
  • During labor disputes and negotiations
  • After negative press coverage


Increase Your Fundraising Thru Online Donations

We know how to successfully raise funds for law enforcement associations. We have been doing it for over 17 years, and we are part of the largest law enforcement association fundraising company in the United States - NEP Mail. With NEP Mail, we are able to integrate your fundraising campaign with your association's website.

The Face of Your First Responder and Non Profit Association 

NEP Websites is the solution for law enforcement associations who want to grow and maintain an effective and positive profile within the community .  We have integrated core features within our websites, which allow associations to have a consistent, controlled and current communication platform with the community.

Hub For Business Operations And Fundraising

RPOA image1NEP websites will give your POA the tools and power to talk about the charities you help, and tell the story of the children you protect and the lives you save.

Your website can effectively create a powerful and important synergy among your community and members through an active and current PR strategy, media campaign, and our fundraising activities.

For the growth and maintenance of your association it is imperative to have a continually updated and current website!

If your POA's website is more than 3 years old is may be outdated. NEP offers several features on our websites that help your association launch a successful communication platform to enhance and build trust between law enforcement officers and local residents and businesses. Some key features we offer include:

  • A secured members' area
  • Automatic updates on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages
  • Ability to generate automatic emails to supporters
  • Receive donations directly from your website to further your POA's charitable work
  • Disseminate high profile press releases quickly with the click of a mouse

*Consider changing to NEP's website for law enforcement associations because we understand that getting more members involved and informed quickly and effectively, makes your job easier!

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