We are a proud union workplace CWA L-9003!
We are a group of hard working, experienced and passionate professionals.

Meet the Team

Drew Howitt


"The Founder"

Stacey Yudin


"The Admiral"

Devin Jones

General Manager

"The Keeper"

Kobea Barbieri

Director of Sales

"The Blue Spade"

Jeremy Painkin

Director of Fire Division

“The Red Spade”

John Brayley

Director of Marketing

"Troop Advancer"

Leslie Copeland

Client Relations

Scott Welkley

Account Executive

“Break a Leg”

Connor Rodriguez

Account Executive

"The Analyzer”

Nicole Ross

Donor Relations Manager

"The Giver"

Audrey Pena

Office Manager

"The Enforcer"

Julie Ruano

Administrative Assistant

"The Go-To Person"

Nilanka Hettiarachchi

Systems Programmer

"That Data Guy"

Amber Liebner

Digital Marketing Manager

"The Networker"

Tim Feldman

Lead Web Developer

Lisa Cabral

Web Developer

Pat Jacobs

Web Developer

"The Wizard"

Matt Olsen

Web Developer

Grant Reader

Legal Counsel

"Mr. Follow the Rules"

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